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    Dreamers is a 13-song burst of anthemic and melodic punk energy with self-reflecting and hopeful lyrics. It is a reminder to keep chasing your dreams and keep your head up. It’s the most personal album we have written, touching on the highs and lows of life, but as always, with a positive CHASER twist.

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    Dreamers is a 13-song burst of anthemic and melodic punk energy with self-reflecting and hopeful lyrics. It is a reminder to keep chasing your dreams and keep your head up. It’s the most personal album we have written, touching on the highs and lows of life, but as always, with a positive CHASER twist.

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Dreamers via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Kill all the lights! We’re coming in the night with a world to defend Taking on the ones in question bringing on the end Now we are in the fight of our lives. Now’s our time to fight the good fight. Follow your words Without action, the cycle never ends This is our time to make a difference There’s no backing out. Right now! Time to make it count Never backing down. Make it count
2020 02:47
Now here we go again the story of our lives It’s clear to see we’re finally at the end of times Regressing when we’ve come so far, a generation woke Waiting for the punchline now because this has got to be a joke How’s this reality now? You think that we can’t see now? The ones who pull the strings get off at our expense You’ve got the money, but we have the common sense Poverty, inequality and climate change deny Claiming that we thrive and yet we’re only trying to survive Our vision is so clear now. What you don’t want to hear now Despite the progress made, we’re going backwards every single day Had to see it to believe it’s real We’ve got a lot to say this time with all the fuel that you provide
Good Times 03:11
I often think of yesterday Playing back the tape reliving all the Fun we had along the way A simpler time and that’s alright We were young without a care hanging out Together until the morning light. It’s over, the time just slipped away If I could do it all again, I’d do the same One more time! Because nothing lasts forever, not even darkest times We’ll face this world together, I’ll be here by your side The ups and downs, and all it brings, I know there must be better things Let’s raise a glass for tomorrow and the good times Then somehow life got in the way And it was hard to set aside the time Though no one really was to blame. Some of us fell on trying times What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger Helps you learn to keep a grateful mind Those days are gone, the clock ticks on And desperately, we’re holding on To memories of a faded past We’re too afraid to take a chance To recognize that time remains We’re not yet lying in our graves So, raise a glass and celebrate The good times are what we create
And now they got us with our backs against the wall Pit against each other to separate us all Our house divided, ununited will not stand They’re keeping us distracted, it’s all part of the plan Unite as one, our motive’s known It’s time to let our numbers show We will not be controlled This is our life. This is the way And since the dawning of the modern age It’s always been the same This is our life. No other way Don’t you ever let your guard down because it’s never gonna go away Blood in the water, perfect timing for attack Salvage the remaining, we’ll never get it back They prey on weakness, hoping for no signs of life Show them what you’re made of, don’t go without a fight In desperate times with no control, we must become the animal We’re tearing down the walls We’ve got our backs against the wall, but will we run? Are waiting for somebody else to save us? For a resolution that will never come If we’re waiting for somebody else to save us?
The water’s rising, debts are unpaid We’re left to clean the messes you’ve made And the culprit’s clear, the aftermath is near Society is coming unglued We’re ticking time bombs long overdue And we’ve yelled for years, it fell upon deaf ears now And you can bet your ass it’s coming Better head for the hills, start running now Set a course for a new direction Welcome to the resurrection Take the reins this is your tomorrow Be the change, be the one we follow now Buckle up, hit it head on You’ll find we are in for one hell of a ride A house of cards with shattered windows The plot is rigged, about to implode And it’s all for greed. It’s modern slavery Starving on home grown dilemmas We’ll feed the wolves their own agendas And it’s all in vain. The ones you cannot save now And as the day turns into night, it gives us one last hope That in the morning, we’ll arise and get down from that rope You have a purpose in this life on a road you’ve yet to pave You’ve got something to say We are the one you cannot save This is the resurrection You’ve set a new direction Despite our best intentions You’ve got no one to save
The Ripper 02:18
We’ll brave this storm together It looks like we’re in for nasty weather For too long, we’ve been the villain Our rhetoric was unfulfilling No time for contemplating Sick and tired of masquerading This mountain’s hard to climb Those with weak minds will get left behind There is a constant battle between our hearts and minds What is your motivation to leave it all behind? You’ve got to break me down again to make me come alive You’ve got to tear me up inside and I’ll rebuild in time Let’s come alive! Heartbeats are synchronized While keeping all eyes on the prize now Road rash and third degree burns All a part of lessons learned and The hits will keep on coming Like a freight train always running Life rips you down in time With tattered flesh, stand tall you have a spine Don’t let your scars and flaws be how you are defined You’re stronger than you know, it comes from deep inside
Echoes 02:46
Another day goes by, one closer to the tomb What have I done for me? What have I done for you? Am I part of this disease or will I have solutions to Change what I can control? It’s the least that I can do Now we walk these city streets like the millions have before Where the haunting echoes cry forevermore And the lighting still remains, illuminating my way home Still, I’m counting down the days until it fades. Can we learn from our wretched past and the bloodshed all undue Which soaked our fertile soil that brings us life anew? Because I believe to each their own and to not cause harm to you But somehow that golden rule became tarnished by a few
Dreamers 03:18
No one said life would be fair. Can only promise I'll be there Through the thick and thin with God as my witness A testament of bravery, redefining tragedy You know despite the odds, we’re never giving in You taught us not to be afraid You proved that hope would never fade The answer was always your gift When my world puts up a fight I vow to always see the light The brighter side I tend to miss I hope that every day you choose to live Take me on the road, to anywhere we'll roam Searching for a place where hope will grow With nothing but these strings and all the songs we sing Side by side we'll make it on our own (Let's do it. Fight through it. To the world we will prove it) (We'll beat it. Defeat it. Hope will grow) (We won't bend my old friend until the road meets the end) (We'll fight it. In time, we'll make it on our own) Through the darkness you have grown, conquering the world you've known Traveling unknown roads with nothing but your faith Searching for your destiny, chasing all your wildest dreams Little closer every battle, every day Now we're out here on our own So damn far from all we've known We share this undertaking. The volume’s up, the windows down There’s just something about that sound Brings back those memories we missed I hope that every day you choose to live Then the key to your relief Came through the process of believing You will one day make it through But if you can’t see through rain Or if you struggle with the pain Frank sang there’s one thing left to do "The only thing that's left to do is live" Because we've been here before, 1000x times or more Down the darkest roads a man can dream With you until the end, an anthem for a friend Side by side, we're chasing wildest dreams (In time, we're chasing wildest dreams)
A hot Southern night. It was 1955 Mother brought another stranger home for supper Father’s gone and won’t be home until Christmas time Lock the door and turn the lights As the footsteps tapped the floor, inside they trembled Could they take another drunk abusive night? Because we don’t have the answers All we know is that it’s time to end this pain Because the time is now or never One more generation thrown into the flames Only thirteen, waking up in a backseat Never knowing when or where the next meal’s coming from Or if her mother’s ever coming back It’s an addiction to the smack But can we really blame her? The scars in her run deep It’s all she knows to keep her mind from flashing back It only takes one life to break this chain (The power of one) A commitment that the past will never be in vain Your history will never be the same This is a song for all those born into the fight The past won’t be forgotten But you’re stronger than your sorrow A tragic story with an ending left to write Will you be the victim or the promise of tomorrow? This is a song for all those born into the fight The past won’t forgotten, but our time is only borrowed A tragic story with an ending left to write Will you break the chain and be the promise of tomorrow?
The best is yet to come or so they say And I become more proud of you with every passing day A wingman by my side in this rad life We’ll take this ride together through the lows and highs And always hold close those words that I say Do your best, do what’s right, keep that PMA You’re going to face big challenges ahead Just know I’m always with you until the very end This is your time You’ve changed our whole world for the best So proud you’re mine I know you’ll make a difference And I hope that I can give you everything you need to live right every day The best is on its way And always know I’ll keep my promise to Have your back, keep you on track your whole life through A chance to teach you every single day I hope you follow in my footsteps Not the ones that went astray You’ll make mistakes kid that’s just part of life I’ll do all that I can to help you get it right
Only Human 03:10
There are times I am on top of the world And times I want to throw it all away And most times, I could not love you more Until I let self-doubt get in the way In the way, we carry on In the way, remaining strong Until I let myself get in the way One more time, I feel alive again And one more time my motivation fades And those lines we wish to never cross Are broken like the promises I’ve made. Every day, I’m feeling high Every day, the spirits dry Are broken like the promises I’ve made But who am I? I’m only human And I have my own faults not unlike you And in those times, we are forgiven We carry still the burdens of the truth One more time, I can’t define what’s true For the time, I’m feeling fine with you
There was a time when you’d look them in the eye Think before you act, listen to the voice inside Stuck in this digital world, now it’s time to rewind Come with me to a society that runs on shares and likes The neighborhood is finally gone for good, lock up and stay inside Because something’s in the water that's poisoning our minds Corroding everything inside Filled with apathy and negativity Ignore the warning signs We’ve lost that human touch. A natural bond that once connected us Build up your walls and build them high Never mind what’s on the other side We’re all in its control. This life is all we know Fallacy of popularity, you overstate your worth What you see is not reality and we’re all self-absorbed There's something in the water that's threatening our lives A byproduct of changing times Anonymity when you’re behind a screen It’s too easy to hide We’re all so quick to judge and point the finger when the blame’s on us What happened to humility, empathy and our integrity? There was a time when you’d look them in the eye Think before you act, listen to the voice inside Stuck in a digital world, now it’s time to rewind But now it’s gone, lost our common decency Human interaction has been replaced with screens But now we got to shut it off, it’s time to break free How will they learn to love when hate is all they’ve ever known of us? Our kids see mankind at its worse Will it be a blessing or a curse?
Where do we go when Bad Religion calls it a day? Then two years after that when NOFX will do the same? What will become of this scene that is our life? This music provides everything to get through the hard times I remember it like yesterday, the news of Tony Sly For me, that was without a doubt the day the music died And still we go on our way and we must carry on that torch That was set ablaze with passion and hard work This is our time. This is our place. There’s no slowing pace. Where do we go? Who do we see, when we’re no longer Face to Face? With all the bands that we looked up to, the ones you can’t replace Who will remain when the curtains finally close Where we had the best of times at festivals and shows? Well I don’t know if punk rock is enough to change the world But I’ll do all I can with melody and these four chords And this one is a tribute with a message from the heart Here’s to all the bands that made us who we are This is our life. We’re true believers. It’s our badge of pride And it’s good to know that we have friends around the world with whom we share Ideals and values, and we’re all aware That we are one united scene, we are family But do you have the time to listen to the up and comers The local bands that will remain, beating the pulse of this genre? In the longest line, we’re waiting for our chance to make it And do our part to keep the scene. You know that’s where I will always be And now we long for one more but recall the last song you sang Now Linoleum will never be the same It never stops. It never fades. This music remains We’ll see you at The Show


released April 9, 2021

Recorded and Produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, California.

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Livermore and Edited by Andrew Berlin and Jonathan Luginbill at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Artwork created by Sebas Theriault at Sterio Design.


all rights reserved



CHASER California

SoCal Melodic Skate Punk Established 2000


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